Who is Hesi?

HESI Plantenvoeding B.V. is producing and marketing plant fertilisers, plant aids and soil additives. The company is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, in Kerkrade, which is in the border region of Aachen.



Hesi launches two applications for cultivators

To better service the users of Hesi’s line of plant nutrients, we have developed 2 new applications. “Plant Hero” is the app for all your questions and tips regarding cultivation. The second app: “ Dynamic Nutrients“ is a digital diary for plant nutrients which accounts for the plant’s environment and which will put aside all your doubts concerning nutrient management.

The name “Plant Hero” says it all; a hero that will rush to your aid when you just do not know which way to turn when it comes to your plants. Support is offered for every common problem by means of a large database. If a reply is not satisfactory, then your question can be sent directly to four specialists who are associated with the University of Wageningen. They will come up with a suitable solution within 24 hours. In short, a fast-growing library with all sorts of questions and answers.

“Dynamic Nutrients” is a digital diary that provides you with all the information about the watering and nourishing of plants, based on the basic settings set by you. You will be informed and/or notified 24/7 when and what food is required.Containing clear product information and an overview of all selling points, this app is a unique tool for cultivators.

Hesi Apps

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