Our New Hesi GrowMix

Hesi GrowMix plant-substrate

To match the range of fertilisers for soil and the specialised boosters, Hesi has also added a soil substrate to its product-range in 2020. We are super excited to tell you about the journey to find the perfect partner, and all the ins-and outs about the advantages of the Hesi GrowMix.

The qualitative characteristics of a soil were particularly important during production: stable, airy structure, water storage capacity and pH buffering. But maybe one of the most important requirements: sustainability.

Now, a soil substrate containing peat being sustainable sound like a contradiction. But: only at first glance. Let us explain why!

The discovery of our producer in Germany

In Germany, where intact raised bogs are under complete nature conservation and therefore may not be dug up, Hesi has found all requirements for sustainable peat production. Exclusively pre-damaged, long dry moors that have been dry for decades and centuriesare used for peat extraction again. After extraction, the areas are rewetted and re-naturalized to form living moors. In this way, severely degenerated, "dead" bogs can be turned into functioning ecosystems via peat extraction.

What sounds convincing in theory, looks even more impressive in practice: The factory's own bog railway leads through vast peatlands and almost infinite areas of re-naturalised landscape. These areas have been - and continue to be - restored to the truly original Sphagnum bog biotopes in cooperation with nature conservation authorities under strict conditions. The modern, consumption-reduced production facilities, regenerative, CO2-saving energies, the well-positioned logistics network and, last but not least, the use of regional raw materials removed any last doubts about cooperation.

The fine-tuning of the soil substrate finally took in total more than two years. In 24 months of development work, the optimal mixture was created. Many samples, mixed by our own Hesi team, were prepared, tested and rejected until the Hesi GrowMix was ready.

Hesi’s special touches

As with the fertilizers and boosters, Hesi follows its own unique path. Instead of the often used white perlite, Hesi GrowMix contains natural clay minerals which, in addition to their water retention function, also have ion exchange properties, i.e. they bind minerals and nutrients - and only release them when the roots need them.

However, clay is not only a water and nutrient store, but with its buffering capacity against pH fluctuations, it also tolerates minor slips. In addition, the clay remains mixed in the substrate and does not float to the surface, as Perlite often does.

GrowMix’s consistency – what’s in it?

GrowMix consists of a 80% sustainable produced 50/50 mixture of white and black peat, which naturally has a high water and air capacity and is free of contaminants and germs. The other 20% is made up of regional, highly organic bark humus which, thanks to its medium-sized and large pores, can also easily absorb oxygen and water. This makes the GrowMix particularly breathable. The composting of the bark of coniferous wood releases numerous nutrients during decomposition and undesirable tannins are fermented. This makes the soil more fertile and revives the microflora - and as a nice side effect, brings a fresh, pleasant forest smell.

As the icing on the cake, carbonated lime provides a stable pH value and improves the crumb structure. GrowMix contains the basic nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as all trace elements for the first two weeks and ensures good growth of your plants. Depending on the plant type and size, fertilization should be started from the third week onwards.

Our GrowMix is available in bags of 20 Liters and 45 Liters!

Sales Information

The GrowMix is currently available in most countries we operate in.

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