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Hydroponic fertilisers immediately provide all the necessary nutrients in the correct concentration to the irrigation water so that the nutrients can be absorbed immediately and sufficiently "when passing" along the roots. HESI Hydro fertiliser is available in a growth and bloom version. HESI Hydro contains complex-binding substances ("Chelate") that keep the trace elements stable and make them tolerant to the nutritional components. Because of this they remain stable until they are absorbed by the plant. Furthermore, the complex-binding substances ("Chelate") make the trace elements independent of the pH-value, so that these remain available at every pH-level. All HESI nutrients are enriched with vitamins and other vital elements that take extra care of the plant and enhance its growth and flowering, but also encourage the development of micro-organisms in the medium. Especially in hydro systems, a healthy medium is important because the systems do not contain biological microbes in the beginning.


In hydro systems with permanent standing water reservoir (such as expanded clay with water level indicator), we recommend the use of fertilizers for soil such as HESI TNT Complex and HESI Bloom Complex. On simple indoor plants, without additional lighting, we recommend to use only the half stated dose.

Hesi Hydro Growth
HESI Hydro Growth is a NPK fertilizer for growing plants & for green plants.
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Hesi Hydro Bloom
HESI Hydro Bloom is a high quality and flowering plant NPK fertilizer, for the supply of hydroponic systems optimized and enriched.
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Hesi PK 13/14
HESI PK 13/14 gives extra phosphorus and potassium for flowering and bloom-ending plants. Adapted to HESI Hydro Bloom and HESI Coco.
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Starterbox Hydro
The HESI Starter Box. One box with all the HESI Hydro products you need on your chosen medium to get you started.
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