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The Hesi Pack - small but powerful

All you need in a handy convenient format. The practical and useful Hesi Pack accompanies your plants throughout their lives.

It contains a 250ml bottle of Hesi TNT Complex, Bloom Complex and Phosphor Plus, plus a bottle of 100ml Hesi Boost and a brochure.

  • Hesi TNT Complex (Growth): Plants that are treated with Hesi TNT Complex develop a large number of growing points and become strong and powerful with a healthy green colour.
  • Hesi Bloom Complex (Flowering): Provides all the necessary substances to blossoming plants for their extra needs during flowering.
  • Hesi Phosphorus Plus (Flowering amplifier): is used in combination with Hesi Bloom Complex. It gives the plants the increased need for phosphorus and potassium in the second half of the flowering phase
  • Hesi Boost (Flowering accelerator): Accelerates flower formation and produces strong and stable flowers.

The Hesi fertilisers are enriched with vital components (amino acids and vitamins) that promote the development of the plant in an optimal manner.

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