The HESI-team is happy to inform you about our new project with Pure Production in Zeinigen: an aim to open a new market.

Nowadays, there are many negative facts to read and hear about the negative aspects of commercial cannabis operations, especially legal and environmental impacts. However, there are many cannabis companies that do want to make the industry a statutory greener place with more sustainable causes: just like us at HESI!

Henk: “It was very inspiring to see our fertilisers being used for something that is 100% by the law authorised, and so successful at the same time. These are the days that remind me of why I love my job.”

Since prehistory, mankind has been using cannabis for several reasons. The fibers were used to dress us, but also as food to feed the people, oils were used to burn lamps and of course to relieve pain through medication. The indigenous area of Cannabis is Central Asia and has spread from there to the far reaches of the world.

One plant, so many advantages, isn’t that great? Sure it is, and therefore very important we do not forget about those. So at HESI, for whatever end-matter our fertilisers are used, only when the end user is satisfied, we are satisfied, too! Therefore our mission is to produce fertilisers, that makes plants happy, but also the world we live in. And that is why we are always open and searching for new possibilities.

Our CEO, Henk IJpelaar, came across the company ‘Pure Production’ in Zeinigen, Swiss via at the Swiss exhibition Cannatrade in April this year. During this fair he acknowledge their big stand found out that Pure Production is using HESI products, very proudly!

A Swiss-based Cannabis production, established in 2007, laboratory, packaging and breeding program that controls the complete supply-chain from seed to distribution and can guarantee the best products. It is the first hemp adventure and experience park in Switzerland where hemp is cultivated on over 25000 square meters, using professional indoor, greenhouse & outdoor infrastructure.

They provide accurate concentrations for every product and they can be easily recalled online by entering their LOT numbers. CBD is a 100% naturally-occurring chemical compound that comes directly from the cannabis plant, it is not synthetically made. CBD is the dominant cannabinoid group present in hemp, but unlike THC it doesn’t get you high. Therefore Pure Production uses a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-value of less than a 1%-standard in their production process, as normed by the Swiss law.

“Pure production intends to permanently change the Cannabis landscape in Europe and worldwide, a beautiful mission, that we strike for our-

selves too”

Last week, our CEO, Henk IJpelaar, made an appointment with Pure Europe CEO ‘Stevens Sent’ himself and visited the 650-km-distanced Cannabis Farm in Zeinigen (CH) for a guided tour. Henk was enlightened and very impressed about the size, the way of production and the professionally of the farm! Since their very beginning Pure Production is using HESI-products for the growth of their Cannabis-plants, with great success so far!

Henk said: “With big impression and a very proud feeling I came back to the Netherlands with the pictures I took at the farm. It was very impres-sive to see so many plants together, outside, seeing acres of just green, more than 20 man working 18 days through to harvest more than 25.000 plants, just amazing!”

Our collaboration with Pure Production is only the beginning of this journey and we are very motivated to use our knowledge and capabilities to support cannabis regulation and to permanently change the Cannabis landscape in Europe and worldwide.

Written by Louise IJpelaar - Marketing Director


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