Hesi 25 Years

Once upon a time…

One German woman and one Dutch man fell in love. Not just in each other, but also in taking care of plants. Henk was into this hobby and he saw his friends struggling… not getting the results they wanted whilst growing. These growers were stumbling around in the dark, desperately in need of a fertiliser, that would be of high quality… for a fair price.

Henk & Siglinde saw no other option than to help these people. Combining both their skills, Siglinde’s chemistry background and Henk’s love for sales. With their passion, experience & motivation, they packed their bags and went on this journey together. Driven by their passion of helping others, they said goodbye to their old lives, and never looked back. Even with the birth of their daughter two years later, they kept growing and growing, nothing could stop them.

At one point however, they couldn't do all the work alone anymore. That was the point they started to grow the Hesi team, the team that works together every day in order to create and deliver the right solution to our customers.

“How shall we name our company?” said Henk in the first months. After some brainstorming and discussing, they remembered that both their passion is there, so why not combine their names? That is how the name 'HESI' derived: a combination of the given names of the company's two founders: HE stands for Henk and SI - for Siglinde, more precisely Henk IJpelaar and Siglinde Winkler. But they added a little extra:'Plantenvoeding', which is the Dutch equivalent for 'plant nutrition'.

To this day, Hesi has helped more than 1000 companies and individuals get out of the dark with their solutions. What is their secret? By listening closely and exceeding every customer’s expectations with real ingredients, in-house production & personal client contact. The reason they started, the smile on their friends face, is what kept them going all these years.

The story does not end here… there is a bright future ahead for Hesi. As this year we celebrate the 25th anniversary on april 1, 2021.

Hesi Plantenvoeding B.V.

Klarenanstelerweg 11

6468 EP Kerkrade

The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 (0) 45 569 04 20